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The last 30 seconds of "Hound Dog" with NO POP. This file was repaired from the ELV1S CD. (Added to this page Sept. 2002)


So Glad You're Mine with the squeak notched out. I spent about 10 minutes on this--if I had taken more time the results would be better. There is nothing cut out of the track, nothing pasted over the squeak, the squeak noise is only notched (equalized) out where it appeared. (Added to this page Nov. 4, 2003)


Gene Autry's recording of "Blue Hawaii", 1942 [ poor transfer ]

Blue Hawaii.mp3

Bing Crosby's recording of "Blue Hawaii", 1937 [ poor transfer ]

Bing Blue Hawaii.mp3

Added May 15 2003:

Lisa Marie Presley - Longbox FRONT

Lisa Marie Presley - Longbox BACK

Added Sept 6 2003: Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVD trade ad:

Trade ad 1

Trade ad 2

Trade ad 3

Updated Nov 4 2003